Hi folks,

I was able to get my head node installed and can now boot it via the YUMI Linux installer USB. (I still don’t know why this is necessary, but hey, it works.) Now I have two issues:

How do I add nodes to the cluster? I tried doing this with qluman-qt. I go to Manage Hosts and New Hosts, where it sees the MAC from one of my nodes. If I try to add it to the cluster I get a SQL error from Python about how it cannot insert a new record without the “status” field. Like so:

If I click either “Add Selected” or “Add Host” here, I get this:

Which seems to be generated from this SQL insert:

The procedure for adding hosts actually doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere. I thought maybe I could try it from the command line, but there also doesn’t seem to be any documentation for the qluman-cli utility. I’m not entirely sure how the host abstraction works in Qlustar. My front-end/head node’s hostname is “argo,” yet the only thing in the host database visible in qluman-qt that seems to map to this is “beosrv-c.” Where did that name come from? 

The next steps I would like to get to are as follows:

I know that’s a lot at once; TIA.